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Thank you for your support!

Thanks to the many businesses, organizations, schools, and people that host donation drives and fundraisers ( we’re able to provide groceries to around 1,400 of our neighbours in need every week. Whether you’re asking for charitable cash donations instead of birthday presents, hosting a virtual donation drive, or collecting protein items (such as canned meat and fish, peanut butter, etc.) - to name a few possibilities - your support helps the individuals and families in our community who are struggling.

Please note that the Richmond Food Bank does not solicit cash donations door-to-door.

Please do not mix monetary donations in with your food donations (keep these separate so they don't get lost). During the Covid-19 emergency situation, please keep physical and social distancing recommendations in mind.

We appreciate monetary donations as well as quality, healthy, and especially high-protein food donations. For every $1 we receive, we can give out about $6 worth of food - Any amount is very much appreciated.
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