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Thank you for your interest in joining the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe! We are a global network of dog trainers and professionals, and our vision is to build a world in which dogs are understood, respected and treated with kindness and empathy. All our members are asked to adhere to a Code of Ethics and we would ask that you read this in full prior to applying:

Applying for PDTE membership consists of 3 modules:
1. Application Form
2. Case Study
3. Video upload

The application form allows us to find out more about you and why you want to join the organisation, and we appreciate you taking the time to fill it in. Once we've received the application form the Membership Secretary will send you a case study to review and answer the question about that specific case study. You will also receive a request (incl. upload instructions) to send in a video walking your/a dog.

Your application can only be processed when all 3 modules are completed.

The fee for Associate Membership is €68 (£60) per year. It is payable once you have been accepted and is renewed annually in September (members joining on or after 1 January will have membership until August the following year).

Due to the variety of backgrounds of applicants, some of the questions below may not be directly relevant to you. Please answer as fully as possible so we are able to consider your application. Our Board meets virtually once a month, so processing applications can take a number of weeks. Thank you in advance for your patience!

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Who are your influences and inspirations when it comes to dog training? *
Are you a member of any other organisations, groups and communities (dog and non-dog)? If so, please describe your involvement: *
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Please include routine, activities, interactions, where your dog sleeps, what they do when you’re out, how long they are left.
What are the most important things to teach a dog? Please list a maximum of four. *
What do you consider to be punishment in dog training? *
What impact can punishment have on dogs? *
Are there any games or activities that you do with your dogs or recommend to clients, and why? *
Are there any specific training techniques or protocols that you use or recommend and why? *
Why might choice be important or relevant to dog training? *
What kind of equipment do you use and recommend and why? *
What would you do if you found yourself dealing with a dog training situation you were struggling to manage or resolve? *
Is there anything else you would like to mention as part of this application?
New members will be welcomed to the PDTE community via our monthly bulletin and Facebook page. We therefore ask that applicants provide a photo to (subject: PDTE APPLICATION: <YOUR NAME>) as part of their application. Please confirm that you have sent this photo: *
PDTE Code of Ethics
Members uphold a strict Code of Ethics and are encouraged to commit to ongoing learning through our networks and programs (
By submitting this Associate Membership application, I confirm that I have fully read and understand the PDTE Code of Ethics and agree to work and act accordingly. *
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