Smart Thermostat Research
This is a survey hosted by The Impact. The goal of this research is to understand the adoption of smart thermostats in the market and publish results to the public to help drive further innovation in how we use smart home devices like smart thermostats to improve energy efficiency.

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Do you have a smart thermostat? *
A smart thermostat is a wi-fi connected thermostat that usually is paired with an app. If your smart thermostat isn't listed below, please add it in the "Other" section. Ex: Mitsubishi Heat Pump has the "Kumo Cloud App"
What motivated you to buy a smart thermostat? *
What state do you live in? *
If your smart thermostat isn't located where you live currently, pick the state that your home is in that has the thermostat. If you don't live in the states there is an option "Outside of US" for you to pick.
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