April Vacation: Engineering of Sports Registration
Engineering of Sports
Grades: 2nd-5th
Dates: April 16-19th
Times: 9AM-3PM
Cost: $100 per day
This workshop will explore the engineering behind your favorite sports. How can we design helmets to reduce concussions in football? What is the best design for a ping pong paddle? How can we change a sport so it’s accessible to all? What are the physics behind figure skaters? This workshop will explore user-centered design, physics, and anatomy, to deconstruct and reconstruct athletic endeavors.

For this workshop, we are experimenting with a pay-by-day option. You can sign up your child for one day, two days, three days, or all four. We want to see if there is interest in running our workshops in a similar structure in the future!

You and your child can choose the days that they want to attend. Select the days on the payment page http://tiny.cc/buysports_eng and pay only $100 per day.

Day 1 - Sports Equipment: Tuesday will focus on our ability to test and redesign as students build sports equipment that is functional and protective for lacrosse and football.

Day 2 - Soccer: Wednesday is soccer themed! See our promo video for a sneak peak of our soccer activities.

Day 3 - Figure Skating and Ping Pong: Thursday will allow students to experiment with momentum and figure skating, as well as the laser cutter as they design ping pong paddles out of different materials.

Day 4 - LEGO Mini Golf: Friday is focused on LEGO robotics where students will design a LEGO robotic mini golf course.

If you would like to take advantage of this pay-by-day opportunity, please fill out the registration form. The payment link will allow you to check off the days your student will attend, and the price will automatically adjust.
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