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Before applying. This community project is for people who dont know anything about subbing or has less time than ususal but want to help out! Fansubbing is completely voluntary but I would appreciate if you take some time to consider commitment anyway. Creating subtitles might not be what you expected but if you are willing to learn and help out, a confusing task will quickly turn into a fun one.
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Being a timer is the easiest and most basic way you can contribute. As a timer, you are the one who makes sure there are subtitles on a video. Using the audio as reference you set start and end times for people speaking. This needs no prior experience or knowledge. You will get help and tutorials.
This I guess is in a way the most challenging position, However, it depends on how confident you are in your skills. Usually, translators who translate Gaki no tsukai work on one episode each. That's 24 minutes of footage, including dialogue, on screen text and much more. That's a lot of work for one person, but perhaps not so demanding if you're fluent in both Japanese and English.

For this position, I'm looking for people who feel like they are at an intermediate level or higher and want to evolve their Japanese through serious commitment. While a community project, translation is after all the bridge between the show and the viewer. If it's not any good, people will be able to tell. Therefore, If you're fluent or advanced level in both languages please don't hesitate to apply! Together with other translators, I hope everyone will help each other out.

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We want to include everyone and with that we want to open up the opportunity for people who might not be interested primarily in creating subtitles but help out in an other way possible with any potential skill set. If you have an idea on how you can contribute to this project, pick this option and explain further in the box below.
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