Warren School District Jacks Virtual Academy Registration
Warren School District will be offering a Virtual School called Jacks Virtual Academy for the 2020-2021 school year. The following is a required application that must be completed in order to participate in WSD Jacks Virtual Academy. Jacks Virtual Academy is open to all students who pass the residency requirements or school choice requirements for the Warren School District in the 2020-2021 school year.

Parents/Guardians will be contacted by a school administrator and/or counselor to finalize plans for enrollment in WSD Jacks Virtual Academy.

There will be no cost for students electing to enroll in Warren School District Jacks Virtual Academy. Students will be provided any technology necessary to fulfill educational needs associated with WSD Jacks Virtual Academy. To be able to participate in Jacks Virtual Academy, students must have reliable access to internet services.

Jacks Virtual Academy will be available for all students within Warren Schools. This learning model is not successful for all students. Families must consider the characteristics that lead to a successful virtual experience for students:
·​ ​Self-motivated
·​ ​Independent Learner
·​ ​Computer Literate
·​ ​Good Time Management
·​ ​Effective Communicator
·​ ​Personal Commitment
·​ ​Academic Readiness
·​ ​Technologically Prepared

The Jacks Virtual Academy is designed to meet the needs of students who take responsibility for their learning and thrive in an atmosphere in which they may work independently at their own pace. Students enroll in core courses and electives based on state requirements and personal interests. Students have access to a variety of virtual courses for core curriculum, electives, Advanced Placement, and credit recovery. All courses are aligned with K-12 Arkansas learning standards and are taught by Arkansas highly-qualified, licensed teachers. Teachers are employed by the Warren School District or WSD vendor partners. Students who are not on grade level, need professional intervention, or special services may elect to participate in virtual learning but would best be served by the WSD 100% on-site instruction model.

Unlike the 2019-20 AMI lessons which focused on reinforcing skills, Jacks Virtual Academy will provide a much more in-depth and comprehensive curriculum comparable to content taught in the traditional school environment. Students can expect to dedicate approximately four hours per day for instruction to include some class discussions, projects and independent activities (emails, online discussions, forums, message boards, pre-recorded video lessons, etc.). JVA students will be required to come on campus periodically for assessments. Families who elect to enroll their students in JVA will need to be prepared to provide home support needed to help foster a successful virtual learning experience. Efficient home internet is necessary for your child to have a successful virtual education.

For more information please read over the Jacks Virtual Academy FAQ document by clicking the link below:

Questions for grades 9-12, please contact Warren High School at 870-226-6736.
Questions for grades 6-8, please contact Warren Middle School at 870-226-2484.
Questions for grades 4-5, please contact Brunson Elementary School at 870-226-2351.
Questions for grades K-3, please contact Eastside Elementary School at 870-226-6761.
Questions for grades Pre-K, please contact Warren ABC Pre-School at 870-226-6920.
Questions for SEACBEC, please call (870) 226-6920.

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By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Overview of Jacks Virtual Academy and believe that my child will follow all guidelines and meet the requirements. Additionally, I understand that my child must remain in JVA until the end of the semester, unless removed by school administration due to inadequate progress. Please type your first and last name and today's date. *
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