Animal Rescue
The survey you are about to complete is to help me understand the hardships and joys that animal rescue organizations/ teams face in helping to protect the unwanted felines and canines that wander our streets. I am hoping that, with these survey results, I will have a better idea of what it is that animal rescues go through from day-to-day and what the animals that they take into their care go through.

**Please note that I will not be using any personal information that you give here to target you for any unsolicited emails or advertising. The survey is being conducted solely for my curiosity and to help me begin a UI/ UX design process on creating a possible solution to help our friendly felines & canines that share our planet with us. All information given will be used to create an objective persona for the rescue that has no real bearing in mind to any actual rescue.**

This survey is shared on, a community of participants who will take your survey for free in exchange for filling theirs in return.
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1. Please write in the name of your animal rescue. *
2. How many years have you been in operation? *
3. Which types of animals do you mainly rescue? Please check all that apply. *
4. If you answered "Cats" or "Dogs" to the previous question, how do you feel about local spay/ neuter programs? *
5. If you did not answer "Cats" or "Dogs", then please complete this survey to the best of your ability by keeping our domestic felines and canines in mind.
6. Are the spay/ neuter programs working to help you? *
7. If you answered "Positive" to question #4, then, on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being strongly disagree and 10 being strongly agree), how would you rate your local spay/ neuter program?
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
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8. What are the main obstacles that you face as an animal rescue? (Check only those that apply.) *
9. How do you come to learn about a feral/ stray animal that needs help? *
10. What is involved in keeping them off the streets? *
11. How do you educate the public on programs that keep street populations down (i.e. spay/ neuter, rehoming)? *
12. If you answered "Some of the Above" to question #11, please write in which education methods you use.
13. If you answered "None of the Above" to question #11, then please write in how you educate the public on responsible animal awareness and protection.
14. In your view, how can the public come together to cut down on Euthanasia of perfectly healthy domestic pets? *
15. Do we need to involve government and law makers to make the lives of ferals/ strays better? *
16. Please let me know if there is anything else that I may have wished and you'd like to add to better help our furry friends live a happier and healthier long life. *
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