Pleasant Hill Cohousing Interested Person Brief Survey
Please fill out this survey to be added to our "interested person" email list.  We use the list to get the word out if we have a unit for sale or rent.  Occasionally there might be a house-sitting opportunity or a community event that we'd also post to the email list.  We promise not to overdo the emails.  And if at any time you wish to be removed, just let us know.
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Pleasant Hill Cohousing
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Name and ages of all family members *
Why are you interested in Pleasant Hill Cohousing (check all that apply): *
Tour: have you been on one? *
For info about our tours go to
Meeting:  Have you been to a community meeting?  This is a monthly meeting where we discuss issues affecting the community. *
For info about our community meetings, go to
Questionnaire:  Have you filled out our Potential Member Questionnaire?  It is an excellent way for community members to get to know you. *
Here's the webpage from which you can download our questionnaire
Do you know anyone who is living or has ever lived here at Pleasant Hill Cohousing.   If so, who?  If not, write "none." *
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