UUCSJS Children's Religious Education Registration 2018-2019
Please provide the following information for your child's new or continued participation in the UUCSJS Children's Religious Education program. One registration must be completed for each child in your family.
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I understand that my participation in the Children's Religious Education Program is essential to providing my child with a safe and meaningful education and that parents/guardians of registered RE students, infants and toddlers are expected to assist in the classrooms or nursery at a frequency of about one Sunday per month.
I am willing to volunteer in the following areas:
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In my child's classroom
Class other than my child's
Any class
Classroom Assistant
Lead Teacher (apprx. 12 week commitment)
Helping with Holidays and Special Events
Substitute Teacher (as needed)
Presenting a Special Program
Supervising the Nursery/Toddler Room
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