Spring into Tawa 2021 Food Truck Application Form
This form is for food trucks. If you are a general stallholder or a food stall (non powered), please complete the Stallholder Application form.

Before you complete this form, ensure that you have read the Stallholder Information page and Stallholder FAQs.https://springintotawa.nz/stallholder-info/

By submitting your application form, you agree to the terms and conditions. https://springintotawa.nz/food-truck-terms-conditions/

Once you submit this form, you will receive an auto-generated response containing a copy of the information you have provided. If you do not receive this email, its possibly due to an error in your email address provided. If this happens, or any information that you have provided needs to be corrected, please email us at spring.into.tawa@gmail.com

If the form won't submit, its possible you've not completed one of the required fields. Please ensure you've completed all the required fields in the form.
Email *
Food Truck Name *
Ensure that you enter your name accurately and as you would like it to appear in the stallholders list.
Contact Name *
This is the main contact person for your food truck, and the person that organisers will liaise with about your application or your food truck if needed. Ideally, this person will be at the event on the day.
Contact Phone *
This number should be a cellphone number so we can contact you on the day if required.
Food Truck Size *
Please provide the dimensions of your food truck, including towing arm if this is fixed. Provide width and length.
Cables *
Detail the type of cables you will use (caravan, 3 pin or other) and the metres in length of cable that you will have. Note a minimum of 20m of cables is required and they must have a current electrical test tag.
Description of the food and/or drink you are selling *
Explain in as much detail as possible the food and/or drink that you are selling. The more detail that you can provide the better as it will enable us to better consider your application.
Where is the food prepared? *
Describe where the food will be prepared? The Wellington City Council requires us to be aware of where all food being sold at the event is prepared. Name or describe the premises where your food will be prepared.
Food Storage and Transportation *
Describe where the food will be stored prior to the event and how the food will be transported to the event (e.g. in a refrigerator, in ice boxes or insulated containers)?
Food Preparation at the event *
Describe what food preparation will be done in the truck/trailer at the event.
Spring into Tawa 2021 is trying to reduce the amount of waste we generate at the event. You are required to only use approved, locally compostable packaging. Please describe how your packaging meets these requirements. *
Will you be bringing a food thermometer to the event *
Cooking Equipment that will be used on site *
Please list the cooking equipment that will be used in food preparation on site at the event.
Do you hold a Food Safety Certificate? *
If you have a Food Safety Certificate, please enter the Council you are registered with and the number on the certificate.
Please note, you will be required to provide organisers with a copy of this Certificate if requested.
Are you on a Food Control Plan? *
Preferred Food Truck Entry Time *
Stallholders will be able to enter and set up their stall between 7am - 9am. We appreciate that some stallholders need more time than others to set up. Please indicate your preferred entry time and we will try our best to allocate you a stall based on your preference.
Are you a prior stallholder?
How did you hear about Spring into Tawa?
Terms and Conditions *
By submitting this form, you are confirming that you accept the terms and conditions set out by the organisers in the Food Truck Terms and Conditions. Please ensure that you read these before submitting your application.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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