Survival Coalition Direct Care Survey
Survival Coalition and the Long-term Care Workforce Alliance want to hear from you about ways the direct care workforce shortage is impacting your life.

Personal Care Workers, Supportive Home Care Workers, Certified Nursing Assistance, Job Coaches, Therapy Aides, Respite Workers and Daily Living Skills Trainers are some of the ways Wisconsin refers to the direct care workforce. They help people with eating, meal preparation, dressing, bathing, work supports, mobility assistance, and other supports.
1. How hard is it for you to find direct care workers?
2. What makes it hard to find direct care workers?(Check all that apply)
3. Do you have enough workers to work all of your shifts?
4. About how many times a month are you not able to find someone to work?
5. What happens when you don't have a direct care worker? Check all that apply.
6. Are you or your natural support considering any of the following because you can't find direct care workers?
7. What do you do when you can't find a worker to hire?
8. Do you get sick more often when you don't have enough direct care staff?
9. Do you have a story about how the direct care workforce crisis has impacted you that you would like us to share? Please tell us what county you live in so we can share with lawmakers in your community. (Optional Question)
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