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Hello, parents, grandparents, and friends!

This week I will be working on recording and sending videos to every kid in the Kids' Ministry as a way to try and stay connected with them.

If you or your child would like me to send a video to your child, please fill out the registration form below. In addition to staying connected with them, I would also like to speak into your child's life with a small Bible lesson. I often have conversations with kids at church about prayer, losing a loved one, school, friends, feelings, and so much more.

If you or your child would like for me to address specific praise, problem, or feeling, I would love to have the opportunity to do so. All videos will remain under 5 minutes to help and keep things concise.

Even if your child does not have specific praise, problem, or feeling for me to address, I would still just love to say hello and tell them how much I miss them.

To help make sure I have a list to go through and get everyone, please fill out one registration form for each child. I miss you and your kids, but I hope we will be able to meet again on Sunday mornings! Thank you for being awesome people.

Cheering you on,

Jon Rhoades
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