PGgrowth: Planned Giving Research Survey 2017-18
We are sending this research survey to you and people like you who are professionals operating Planned Giving Programs or are working in organizations that are operating Planned Giving Programs. PGgrowth Consulting Inc. is conducting research across Canada to help us to examine the current attitudes, challenges and opportunities that are part of this type of fundraising program in the Canadian context. We hope you will help us to gain a better understanding of the current landscape of Planned Giving from your and your organization's perspective. This survey should only take you 15 to 20 minutes to complete and we truly appreciate the time you will take to answer these questions.

Please do not fill out this survey more than once. We do encourage you to circulate this survey to other professionals in other organizations to help expand our reach. This is an anonymous survey and your answers will be held in the STRICTEST CONFIDENCE. Any reporting on this research will not mention any professional or organization by name.

Thank you for sharing with us.

1. Can you please tell us what area of the sector your fundraising supports? You can select one or more of the following (please select as many as you believe are appropriate).: *
2. What geographic area does your fundraising support? You can select one or more of the following (as many as you believe are appropriate).: *
3. How large is your organization’s fundraising department by employees? Your estimate is fine.: *
4. Excluding fundraising staff, how many employees does your organization have? If a foundation supporting a cause - such as in the hospital sector - please provide the organization's employee levels. Your estimate is fine.: *
5. How much annual revenue does your organization gather through its total fundraising efforts?: *
6. How much annual revenue does your organization gather through its Planned Giving Program?: *
7. What is your current average Planned Gift?: *
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8. How many gifts did your organization receive through its Planned Giving Program in the last full fiscal year?: *
9. What annual overall budget does your organization devote to gathering support through your various fundraising non-staff efforts?: *
10. Does your organization have an official Planned Giving Program in place?: *
11. Does your organization have dedicated staff that fully or in part, focus their efforts toward the Planned Giving Program?: *
12. What staff allocation does your organization devote to Planned Giving?: *
13. Are you the staff person at your organization that has the responsibility to operate the Planned Giving Program?: *
14. Are you the staff person at your organization that makes decisions regarding the Planned Giving Program?: *
15. Not including staff, what is the annual overall budget that your organization devotes to gathering support through your Planned Giving efforts?: *
16. Is your Planned Giving Program budget increasing next year, staying the same, or decreasing?: *
17. What elements and marketing processes do you have in place now specifically for your Planned Giving Program?: *
18. Are there other activities that your organization engages in that are not listed above. Please list in the box below.: *
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19. Does your organization having a method of moves management - including use of your data base - to track donor engagement and gain support from donors through Planned Giving?: *
20. What have been some of your non-monetary successes within your Planned Giving Program? Please provide examples in the space below.: *
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21. What have been some of your organization’s biggest challenges in advancing your Planned Giving Program (check as many as are relevant to your organization)?: *
22. How would you characterize your donor base?: *
23. Do you believe that there is untapped opportunity to gain additional support for your organization through a more proactive Planned Giving Program?: *
24. What do you think your organization needs to fully benefit from Planned Giving (check as many as are relevant to your organization)?: *
25. What Planned Giving professional development opportunities do you feel would help you make your organization’s program more successful (check as many as are relevant to your organization)?: *
26. Does your organization educate all fundraising staff in Planned Giving?: *
27. As a professional in the fundraising industry, do you believe that your organization could benefit from further investment in a Planned Giving Program?:
28. Please expand on the answer you gave in Question 27 above.:
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29. Please share any other thoughts you may have about your professional experiences or organizational experiences working in Planned Giving?:
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30. We would be happy to share the results of our research with your directly. If you would like this information and other reports based on this research, please provide us with your name and email address below. Thank you!
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Thank you for your time and insight!
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