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To be approved for adopting a Dog,  you must first complete this detailed application form in its entirety.  
Incomplete forms with unanswered questions will not be processed.  You will hear from us within 2 days.
If an adoption contract is signed, we expect you to fulfill the requirements listed therein.
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2 Personal  references who are familiar with you as a pet owner.  Not more than one relative.  If your dog(s) requires(d) grooming please include your groomer as a reference.  If you have adopted a dog from another rescue please use them as a reference.   Name, phone, email addresses and the relationship to you please?
Reference #1  Name, phone number and email?   Relationship to you? *
Reference #2 Name, phone number and email?   Relationship to you? *
Veterinarian’s Name and Phone *
List each dog you have owned. Giving breed, where the dog is now or how did the dog die?   *
Please list other pets, their ages and what happened to each of them? *
Do you live in a House? *
If renting please give us landlord’s Name  and   Phone?
Is there a limit on the number of dogs you are allowed where you live?   *
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How long have you lived at this address?               *
If less than 1 yr, how long at previous address?
Do you have a fenced yard?                   *
Type & height of fence? *
If no fence, how will you exercise the dog & let the dog relieve him/herself?   Examples, on a leash, on tie out, boundary training?              Please explain? *
How many adults in the household and their ages, please list? *
How many children, their ages & sex? *
Have children been raised with dogs?         *
Would you say they have a Gentle, Medium or Rough Touch? *
If no children, do you plan on having children someday? *
Do all members of the household wish to adopt this dog?   *
Is anyone in the home allergic to any types of animals?   *
If yes, please explain?
What do you feel is the most important responsibility in caring for a dog? *
Who will take care of the dog? *
Are there regular visitors to your home (human/animal) with which your new dog must get along? *
Where will the dog spend the day?   *
Will dog be? *
On an average, how many hours each day will the dog spend without human companionship? *
Where will the dog sleep at night?   *
Will dog be? *
What is your feeding plan? *
Who will care for your dog when you are on vacations or emergencies? *
Have you ever adopted an animal from a rescue or shelter before? *
If yes, which rescue or shelter was it?
Have you ever released an animal to a rescue or shelter? *
If yes, please explain? *
What is your housebreaking routine? *
Please explain how you would correct your dog for getting in the trash? *
If you were holding a little dog and he/she tried to bite someone while you were holding him/her, what would you do? *
Please explain how would you teach your dog to come to you?   *
What will happen to the dog if you move? *
Do you agree and promise to contact us if you can no longer keep this dog?         *
Please tell us why you think you will make a great home for a dog? *
*Please forgive us if some of the questions seem personal, but we are trying to make sure that the dogs are matched to the right families & that those families will be committed to the dog for life.  We understand things change, and in case a family is unable to keep the dog for life, we expect our dogs to be returned to us. . We do not want them to end up at a kill shelter or be passed around.  We want them to be safe for life.  Thank You
All the above information I have given is true and complete.  *A typed signature will be accepted as a valid signature when application is completed online or through email.  Please sign below. *
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