2021 Conference Survey
We have made the difficult decision to suspend next year's in-person conference until we can be sure that it would be a safe and responsible choice to host such a large in-person gathering.

We also want to recognize that the virtual platforms have become a part of daily living for many music therapists and music therapy allies, as most conferences have shifted to virtual platform. This has created opportunities and accessibility unlike ever before, while simultaneously contributing to "zoom fatigue." Rather than assume how we can serve you best, we would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on how we can come together as a community in learning and comradery.

We have outlined some virtual proposals below and welcome your feedback.
Proposal 1: A virtual conference spanning the course of a long weekend
This set up would be offered similarly to how most virtual conferences are being hosted during this time. A series of 30-40 concurrent sessions would take place over the course of one weekend with the possibility of recording presentations for access at later dates if attendees were unable to attend the live presentations.  

Estimated time commitment from attendees: 6-8 hours per day to attend each concurrent session over the course of 3 days

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Proposal 2: Monthly Mini-Conferences
These mini-conferences would provide 3 presentations under one "umbrella grouping" topic. Each month would highlight a different topic, allowing attendees to choose topics that they find most relevant to their work without committing to a full weekend. The "mini-conferences" would take place on different days depending upon the responses from this survey. Additionally, each mini-con could provide an opportunity for 3-CMTEs according to the new CMTE regulations per CBMT.

Estimated time commitment from attendees:  3 hours per each mini-con 1x per month for about 3-4 months *commitment would vary on attendee interest
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Proposal 3: Spring virtual NER-AMTA community day & a summer CMTE series
Understanding that our field is currently saturated with virtual opportunities for learning, we may consider this is a year in which adding to the pressures of the learning fatigue is not best serving our members. In this case, we would host a day with virtual events to bring our community together again by hosting an open mic, intervention swaps, networking breakouts, and connective experiences run by members of our community, such as meditation, yoga, or music experiences.

We would additionally offer a CMTE series during the summer months to supplement learning opportunities offered within the conference setting.
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