White Water Rafting 2019
When: July 19th
Where: Columbus, GA
How much: $60 + money for food
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I hereby agree to hold Sherwood Baptist Church, including the College Ministries office, it’s employees, representatives and agents, harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, liabilities, actions, causes of action, damages and/or expenses of any nature and kind and without limitation, arising from personal injuries to my student or property damage. I acknowledge that I assume the risk of any and all personal injury or property damage that may occur to myself, that I will hold Sherwood Baptist Church completely and totally harmless concerning any such injury or damage, that I hereby waive any cause of action or right to cause of action that I might have against Sherwood Baptist Church for anything that might thereafter accrue as a result of such injury or damage, and that I have had an opportunity to review this waiver and ask any questions concerning its meaning or intent.In the event I am injured or become ill during this trip, I grant permission for other adults in charge and/or the First Aid staff to obtain and/or provide for myself the necessary medical attention and treatment, including but not limited to emergency medical care provided by a hospital, medical clinic, or other health care provider. I give permission to be photographed or videotaped during normal trip activities and these photos/videos may be used in promotional materials. *
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