MODai Early Access

Welcome to the Let'sMOD fam! 🌟 You're not just joining us; you're stepping in as a pioneer, shaping the future of storytelling with MODai, our groundbreaking generative AI. By being here, you're leading the charge into a new era where anyone's stories can be lived by everyone. This form is your toolkit, packed with everything you need to kick off strong and secure one of the limited MODai seats. We're all about breaking new ground together, and we can't wait to see the trailblazing MODs you'll create. Let's make history together! 🚀🌐

MODai @ Let'sMOD
At Let'sMOD, craft your story into a living, breathing 3D world through conversations with MODai, a standout among intelligent 3D entities. 🌌 Anyone, gamer or not, can step into your MOD via any browser on any device, no installs needed. Your stories come to life as you select from a diverse cast of intelligent 3D entities - allies, enemies, and everything in between, all orchestrated by MODai. Fueled by the latest in Generative AI, MODai collaborates with you to populate your MODs with other intelligent actors that resonate with your narrative. 🎮👥 Let'sMOD is your playground: browse, play, tweak, and create MODs, then share your MOD highlights in the feed for all to see. 

Discord Server
Hop onto the Let'sMOD Discord server, your go-to community hub where the magic of MODai meets lively conversation! 🌟 Here, creators, players, and enthusiasts unite, sharing experiences and diving into the nuts and bolts of MOD crafting. But that's not all – MODai is part of the crew, ready to chat and spark ideas with you directly. It's the ultimate hangout for chilling, discussing all things under the sun, joining in on fun events, sharing art, meme-ing around, and so much more. Dive in, connect, and let's amplify our creative energy together! 🎮💬🎨🤖

The Journey
Embark on a journey with Let'sMOD, where you, the creator, are the storyteller. 🚀 Chat with MODai, our intelligent 3D entity, in MODchat to weave your narrative into a vibrant 3D experience. MODai handpicks the perfect entities to star in your MOD, transforming your tale into a scripted adventure where each actor knows their acts and cues perfectly. 🎬 Play your MOD to auto-generate a snazzy highlight video, ready to dazzle the Let'sMOD feed—if you choose. Remember, MODai's exclusive access is currently reserved for our early birds through this form.

Getting Access to MODai
There are two scenarios in which you can earn our Promo Code to use MODai.
  1. If you found this form via our Discord Server; this means you have created your first MOD, submitted it in the channel #🚀mod-submissions🚀, and have been promoted from New Creator to Apprentice Creator! After filling the form, you will then receive a DM on Discord by an Administrator with the Promo Code to access MODchat and MODai!

  2. If you receive this form from other channels, including Stanford Center for Sustainable Development and Global Competitiveness (SDGC), to get access to MODai you have to fill it, join our Discord Server, create your first MOD, submit the link in the channel #🚀mod-submissions🚀 alongside your Let'sMOD's profile's link, and once your MOD is reviewed by a Grant Mentor or a Mentor, you will be promoted to an Apprentice Creator and shall receive a DM on Discord by an Administrator with the Promo Code to access MODchat and MODai!

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