Berlin Buzzwords 2021 demographic survey
Berlin Buzzwords is committed to ensuring that it is accessible to everyone regardless of race, gender, ability, sexual orientation or age. The information you give in the demographic survey is anonymous and will be used to provide demographic statistics on the conference. These demographic statistics can help us and others see the diversity of our events, and will help us better target our resources in the future.

We recognise that some people may regard some of this information as personal and we have, therefore, included an option in most questions for ‘prefer not to say’. You also do not have to complete this survey if you would prefer not, however filling it out will help us to improve Berlin Buzzwords and aid our efforts to make it more inclusive and diverse.

All information we collect around equality and diversity will be treated confidentially in accordance with GPDR.
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Are you a speaker or an attendee?
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How old are you?
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Which one of the following best describes your gender?
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Do you consider yourself to be a trans person?
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Which of the following best describes your sexual orientation?
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Do you identify as a person of colour?
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With which ethnic background(s) do you identify? (check all that apply)
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Do you consider yourself to have a disability?
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If you answered yes to the above, please indicate the type(s) of impairment(s) that apply to you
What can the organisers do to improve the diversity and inclusion at this event?
What are some examples of how this event met, exceeded, or fell short of your diversity and inclusion expectations?
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