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The Habbo Intelligence Agency (HIA) considers workplace harassment unacceptable and will not tolerate it under any circumstances. We have absolutely ZERO tolerance towards bullying. This policy shall apply to everyone affiliated with HIA, regardless of their employee status, rank or time working for the agency, pertaining to all members of Foundation, Directorate, Ownership, Executive Committee, or any other Elective position and any division employee from Agent - BOE at HIA, Habbo, Slack or any other place related to HIA. Any employee found in violation of this policy will be disciplined, up to and including immediate termination.
Managed by the Legal Affairs Unit
⚖️This form is designed to allow you to provide vital information to HIA to assist with its investigations and employee security as set forth by the Code of Conduct and any other relevant guidelines.

⚖️You are not required to provide your Habbo name or other personal information; anonymous information is accepted where applicable.

⚖️By voluntarily providing information on this page you are agreeing to our Non-Disclosure Agreement and giving HIA Legal Affairs the power to care for and maintain any information given, and take actions based on them.

⚖️Any information you provide on this form may be used for investigative purposes and may be shared as required by the Code of Conduct or for other routine uses as permitted by the HIA Justice System. The information provided may be published at any time with the exclusion of the reporter's username.

⚖️By giving us this information you swear that it is nothing but the truth and completely accurate to what you can recall.

⚖️After giving us this information, you are sworn to the secrecy of submitting the form.
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Kindly state completely and correctly your name in Habbo in order for us to be able to reach you regarding your request. Anonymous requests are only applicable everywhere except case submissions. If you're an HIA employee, please state your rank in brackets.
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You will be automatically redirected to your desired request type upon selection. If you would like to offer a suggestion or forward an issue with HIA's guidelines, please approach the Chief of Staff team instead.
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