Learning Model Selection Survey
This survey is designed to survey parents on making a choice in what learning model parents want for their child(ren). Your survey selection may be changed between now and August 6, 2020; however, after August 6, 2020, all selections will become final for the first grading period. Below are the models to choose from and a description.

Face-to-Face: Parents may choose to have their students attend school face-to-face in the normal school setting with modifications for health and safety measures. This will occur Monday through Friday.

Remote: The district will offer a completely online learning environment for parents who prefer to have their students learn from home. The schools will provide an asynchronous (recorded lessons, activities, etc.) instructional experience, and some synchronous (live) activities will also be provided. Parents will receive a schedule for students to follow so that students remain focused, organized, and know when to log-on to complete work or attend teacher meetings. Google Classroom will be used as the learning management system (LMS). Students must be engaged daily for online lessons.

*Hybrid: A combination of face-to-face and online learning may be offered based on multiple factors such as personnel units, students’ developmental considerations, parental requests, and other organizational constraints. Even though this may not be an option, parents wanting hybrid learning should still select it to assist the district in determining to offer this model and under what circumstances.
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