MancSpirit Feasibility Study

Greater Manchester is an amazing place filled with amazing people. People full of energy, ideas, creativity and passion. It has a thriving cultural activism which showcases the best of the myriad of communities that have chosen the area to live, work and play. But it also has its problems. Homelessness, poverty, crime, disillusionment, addiction, violence and intolerance are just a few.

But why can’t we harness the first paragraph to make a difference to the second? That is the question that led to the formation of MancSpirit

There is a special energy, a real identity and a strong spiritual force that exists in this region. There is a long tradition of people fighting for positive change and not being afraid to say when something is wrong. It is a region where it has suffered hardships and found its own ways to overcome them – and it always will!

At times it can be a place where the lessons are cruel, but those lessons bring with them a fierce lust for life and a strong desire to remain a survivor and not become a victim. The sense of community that has disappeared from many other regions still refuses to be smothered by fear and despair. People will go out of their way to help another, no matter what the risks.

My name is Damian Carr and I have worked and volunteered in the Community for many years - I've been involved in projects such as guns & gangs, human trafficking, anti-racism, addiction, etc. I've supported lots of charities and community groups with vision, capacity building, fundraising, etc. I've worked in prisons coaching/mentoring high risk prisoners, in Probation, on Therapeutic communities and I've arranged community events and campaigns and I'm a proud Mancunian.

I currently work on the streets of Manchester City centre supporting beggars, the homeless and entrenched rough-sleepers and recently organised an event that showcased poetry and art collected from people on the streets that they wanted to 'give them a voice'. It was from this and many discussions inspiring people to lead better lives that led to the idea of MancSpirit.

So a group of us, that have unrivaled experience of what the area has to offer and where the perils may lie, came together to give this energy a home. To provide Manc solutions to Manc problems. That is the essence of MancSpirit

We're conducting this important feasibility study to gauge the need for a new Greater Manchester based Social Enterprise that harnesses Creative Manchester to provide projects that support mental well-being.

We have a wide-reaching network within the Arts, Business and the Third sector who are passionate about getting actively involved to inspire vulnerable people, tackle social isolation, encourage cultural exchange and to encourage participation in creative activity.

We haven't decided on the legal structure and whether a Charity, CIC or something else will be the best vehicle (although I am leaning towards a Charity with a seperate Community Trading Company). Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated ;-)

All we need at the moment is your feedback and support to get it right - please fill in this short form and share around your networks for them to do the same - and we'll do the rest.

Please take the time to complete the following form and help us to develop our services in a manner that best serves you and your communities. We will treat all responses in total confidence.

Thank you for your time and support - Watch this Space! ;-)

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Creative solutions improving mental well-being
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