Genesius Guild Show Proposal Form
The Genesius Guild of First United Methodist Church, Hammond, is now soliciting proposals from directors who wish to propose a show for the upcoming season. Please use this form to submit your proposal (no more than three per person, please). Directors may be asked to come to an upcoming Guild board meeting to answer any questions regarding their proposal. All submissions are due by Friday, August 17, 2018, in order to allow time for committee reading and review of submissions. Thank you -- we look forward to reviewing your proposal!
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Phone Number of Greatest Convenience for Contact *
Are you submitting this show as the director or another role? Please indicate. *
What type of show are you proposing? *
Please indicate all staffing needs for the production below, including a note as to who you may have already secured or plan on speaking to in order to fill said positions. *
Example: Lighting, Sound, Costuming, Stage Manager, Choreographer, Music Director, etc.
What is the name of the show? *
What is the name of the Playwright? *
If a Musical, What is the Name of the Composer?
Who Controls the Rights to the Production? *
Please also include website, if applicable or available
What are the casting requirements? *
Include number of men, women, boys, girls, any; their playing ages; and whether doubling or gender flipping is possible. Also include any out of the ordinary casting requirements such as race, language, ability, etc
Please write a short (2-3 paragraph) synopsis of the show *
Describe your vision for the show *
Please confine the response to 2-3 paragraphs for quick review
Are there any special marketing opportunities which you envision for this production?
What special production needs are there for this production?
For instance, unusual props or sets, effects, etc.
What are your estimated expenses? *
Please include amounts for each of the following along with a total: rights/royalties/licensing, script purchase/rental, sets, costumes, props, effects, staffing (ie. musical director stipend), other (delineate).
What are your preferred and acceptable time slots?
The Guild generally produces 4 productions; traditionally, these have been a Fall Play, Winter Musical, Spring Play, and Summer Musical. Timing may be flexible. Please explain your preferred slot and availability -- exact timing to be determined in the future based on availability of the hall.
Please provide a brief theatrical resume of the lead director for the proposed production
What rating would you give this proposed production? *
Think along the lines of movie ratings. Bear in mind that the Genesius Guild holds performances in a church, so we prefer submissions which would be no more than PG-13 due to language or violence.
What is the approximate run time for the production? *
Contact Information for Director *
Please include e-mail, in addition to additional phone numbers or alternate methods of contact; this includes any con tact information not listed earlier on this form. If you are unable to appear at a meeting with the board to answer questions, we wish to have a means to contact you for a teleconference or to present our questions.
If your show submission is not selected, would you be willing to direct another production?
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