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The Texas Organization of Parent Attorneys and Advocates focuses on the state and federal laws regulating the education and related services of Texas students with disabilities. We are so excited to be working with our friends, colleagues, & allies in effecting meaningful and lasting change in the Texas education system.

We would like to hear your feedback so TOPAA can continue its pursuits as a responsive organization that undertakes targeted policy initiatives while offering the most relevant programs & services to its members.

Aside from becoming a member of the organization, you can inform us of your thoughts by simply completing this survey (answers will not be shared outside of TOPAA). We appreciate you and all the good you do too!

My primary interest in Texas education matters is as: *
In your opinion, what is the current importance of the educational issues listed below: *
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Child Find / Evaluation
Managing Behavior/ Discipline
Educator training
Transition planning
Districts relying on Section 504 instead of IDEA (example: dyslexia)
IEP and goal development and implementation
Related services (transportation, OT/PT, counseling, parent training, etc.)
Section 504 services and adherence to accommodation
Educational placement (is the LRE conducive to educational progress?)
School Choice debate / IDEA must follow the $
Compensatory education post COVID
Bullying/ harassment
Of the issues listed above, please indicate which two (2) are your highest priority at this time and briefly explain why. *
Are there any other educational issues which are important to you that were not listed above?
TOPAA's goal is to support its members in various ways. Please indicate whether the following programs and services would be relevant to you: *
Not relevant
Very relevant
Training: workshops, webinars, CEU/CLEs
Lobbying/ Public policy
Legal briefs: reviewing, commenting, and amicus writing
Monthly or quarterly newsletter
LISTSERV & professional networking
Annual state conference
Of the items listed above, please indicate which one (1) would be the most helpful for you and briefly detail why. *
Are there any other programs or services that would be relevant to you that were not listed above?
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