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Workshops already scheduled: April 29th 10:30

As a community based organization, you are best situated to attract the people most likely to benefit from this workshop. To allow for flexible planning on your part, our workshop can be scheduled either during the daytime or evening hours. These workshops are an hour long and anyone in the community is eligible to attend.

1. Workshops are designed to help participants lower their LG&E bills by reducing their
energy usage without sacrificing their comfort. These can be in person or virtual depending on your organization’s preference!

2. Idea exchange. The facilitator and the workshop participants share their knowledge of energy conservation, with particular focus on getting the maximum amount of warmth or feeling comfortable in the summer with the minimum amount of electricity – thus reducing their electric, and gas bills. We also touch on reducing water use to reduce water bills.

3. Hands-on-Training. Participants get hands-on training in how to cover their windows with clear interior plastic, a major energy-saver for virtually any home.

4. FREE supplies for each participant. Participants leave with a bag full of supplies to cover their windows with clear interior plastic and to perform other easy, energy-saving actions at home.

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●     Plan early!
Distribute the workshop flyer which answers: who is hosting, what the workshop is, where it is held and when it is scheduled.
Know your audience: timing, best days and times, collaboration with others, getting the flyer distributed, etc.
Encourage participation by offering snacks & child care. It can really make a difference!
Have people register with name & phone, in case follow-up is needed.
Attached is the registration packet to schedule a workshop for your organization. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 502-636-9276 or email:
What is your organization name?
Address of organization location:
Who is your agency contact and what is their phone number and email?
What is the phone number you would like listed on the workshop flyer for participants to sign up? If you do not have the capacity, please write "list PW's phone number."

**It's suggested that host organizations sign up participants since we rely on community organizations to get participants registered. However, we will list PW's phone number on the flyers for participants to sign up if absolutely necessary.**
Date(s) and Time(s)? 
Refreshments and childcare are optional but worth it. Will you be providing this for the workshop?
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Are you interested in a virtual workshop, in person or hybrid of both?
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We will advertise / outreach to the neighborhood & client population. (Use flyer sent from
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We will get a minimum of 10 participants signed up for the workshop.  

**This is important because it seems that whatever the sign up total is, then half of that amount will actually show up to participate. 
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We will provide adequate meeting space for the number of people attending.
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If you have any further questions please contact or call our office at 502-636-9276.
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