Zine Scouts - Workshop Proposal
Do you have an idea for a great event? We’re putting together our event calendar, and we’d love to partner with folks in our community and beyond to host workshops, readings, and other great zine-adjacent events. Fill out this form to let us know what skills or niche interests you’d like to share with your fellow Zine Scouts. You don’t need to come to us with a fully-formed pitch (this isn’t Shark Tank!), just a general idea of what you can offer the community.

KC Zine Con is entirely volunteer-run, and we rely on support from volunteers and donors to run our annual zine fest and workshops. We do have a modest budget, so while our options to offer ample financial support are limited, we will do our best to coordinate with you to help make your idea a reality.
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What sort of event are you envisioning? What skills or interests are you wanting to share with our community? *
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