Namaste Didi
Application Form for Mentoring Program 2020 ( Mentor)  
NIWS / SwAr Ashram • 1 KVN Narmada Ghat • Maheshwar, MP 451224  7771004853 (India)
'Namaste' is a greeting of honor & respect.   'Didi'  is Hindi for 'elder sister'.
Welcome to ‘Namaste Didi’  Mentoring Program 2017-18 Application! A Project under the the direction of NIWS Shakti Projects, girl’s and women’s empowerment initiatives. We are very glad to know you are interested in participating in our program to assist a young woman towards achieving her dreams. Please carefully read this application. Make sure the information you provide is complete and accurate.  You will need to submit this form before May 1st, 2017 at 12pm for consideration. If you have any question/issue, do not hesitate to reach Amma Niradhara -  or by phone 7771004853
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Short questions:  Briefly write about your main idea and points, as well as being explanatory.  Check the box when all 4 below are complete. *
1.  In one paragraph explain why you want to participate in the “Namaste Didi” Program?
2.  Do you believe that interaction with a mentee from a developing country would be beneficial to her goals?  Why?
3. Do you believe that interaction with a mentee would be beneficial to your goals?  Why?
1. Describe yourself as fully and accurately as possible in the 140-character limit of a tweet.
Essays : This is the opportunity for you to show us what you have to offer. You are about to write two essays:  1.  Personal Statement  is required for all applicants.  Describe the world you came from and how that shaped who you are.  Describe the way you would like to shape your future world.  250 - 650 words. *
 Choose ONE from the below Essay choices.  250 - 650 words.   Choose that essay's number here *
1. What are you passionate about?
2. Describe an experience where you were unsuccessful in achieving your goal. What lessons did you learn from this experience?
3. What movie, poem, musical composition, or novel has most influenced your life and the way that you view the world?
4. Remember a time or environment that is particularly significant to you. Describe the scene in detail, tell us why it is meaningful to you.
May we ask you to supply some documents in good quality copy.  After submitting this form, in jpg format send any docs to with subject NAMASTE DIDI
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Do you agree to submit to us your personal, and educational information being aware that we may share necessary parts of this information with the prospective mentee(s) at the time of matching and will use this information only for ‘Namaste Didi’ Program's purposes? *
After you submit this Application Form, you will not be able to do any changes or remove any information. You confirm to be submitting only truthful information, otherwise your Application may be rejected and you will not be accepted for the Program 2017-18.  Submitting this form does not guarantee that you will be matched with a Mentee this year.  If selected and matched with a Mentee for this program, you will be notified by the email address you have supplied above.  If selected and matched, the duration is for 12 months term, to commit to a minimum of 2 hours per month in dialogue with your Mentee (24 hours total for the year),  with opportunity to re-evaluate and re-new if all parties are in agreement. Yes, I agree / Understand the above terms of this application.   *
SIGNATURE -  type your full legal name.  If printing this application, please sign here, then scan and email to or post to Amma Niradhara - SwAr Ashram - 60 Jai Rajrajeshwar Chowk - Maheshwar MP  India - dist: Khargone - Pin Code 451224 *
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