OOTB Membership 2019/2020
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OOTB Membership Roles and Responsibilities

The goals of Out of the Box are to promote fibre and textile arts and to foster a spirit of cooperation and encouragement among members.

OOTB members are expected to work together to support the group’s goals, fellow members, and activities.

Specifically, this means that members will:
- actively volunteer their time and talents within the group as they are able
- respect all OOTB members’ skills, contributions and artwork
- contribute to and share OOTB resources, including library books and equipment
- support guest and OOTB speakers and workshop leaders
- honour all OOTB guidelines for exhibitions, shows, workshops, play dates and meetings.
If an OOTB member fails to respect these roles and responsibilities, the Planning Committee reserves the right to take action, such as, excluding a member from participating in a show or workshop.

(Established July 16, 2019)
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Fee and payment
The annual fee is $45.00 due in September of each year (membership year - Sept 1-Aug 31).

Complete the following form and bring your cash/cheque (made out to "OOTB") to the next meeting when you will receive your new membership card.

Your membership Renewal/Application is not complete until payment is received.

By selecting 'Yes' to the waivers, you are agreeing to the OOTB terms and conditions.
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Do you consent to the use of photographs/videos/artwork for any OOTB promotional or educational purposes including gallery applications, posters, brochures, newsletters, social media, website, catalogs and any other promotional outputs?
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Photography Waiver
General Waiver *
I hereby release and discharge Out of the Box from any and all claims, demands, lawsuits, liability damages, loss cost, attorney fees and expenses of whatever kind or nature which arise out of a result from attending or participating in an OOTB sponsored event whether or not foreseeable, including and without limitations, personal injuries to the attendee. Your signature is required to finalize the waivers.
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General Waiver
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