Current Events in Indian Country: An inquiry-based approach (Online Moodle Registration)
In this self-paced, online Moodle course, participants will learn inquiry-based teaching and learning strategies to use in their classrooms. Each participant will apply these strategies to explore a contemporary American Indian issue as part of a class-wide inquiry, and an additional American Indian issue of his or her choosing for the free-inquiry portion. This course requires participants to be self-directed and highly motivated, a background in inquiry or American Indian issues is not necessary.

Event Number: 21521005
EDU 455/C&I 555
Instructor: Michele McGuire

Registration fee: $350
Credit: 45 OPI Renewal Units or 3 Semester Credits (semester credits are offered through the University of Montana and are an additional fee of $155. The course instructor will provide a separate registration form). The total cost savings is 50% by going through WMPLC to get university continuing education credits.

Dates: This is a self-paced course. As such, course participants must be comfortable working independently and self-motivated to complete all work within the flexible time frame. Participants may register for the course now. No new registrations will be accepted after July 15, 2020. Participants must complete the course by August 15, 2020.

Upon receipt of course payment by WMPLC, the instructor will enter the student into the course Moodle and send an introductory email, at which time the participant may begin the class. The instructor will then collect the UM credit paperwork and payment, which will be sent to the University of Montana on August 31, 2020, along with final grades.

This course requires the participant to access a couple of texts through their school or public library or purchase said materials from booksellers such as Amazon. The instructor may be available to assist with locating copies, if needed.

Participants Will:

Develop personal background knowledge around contemporary American Indian issues.
Explore the inquiry-based approach to learning and teaching by participating in Inquiry as both teachers and students.
Design a structured inquiry to use in their classrooms.
Reflect on ways to integrate IEFA into their content area using an inquiry-based approach.
Demonstrate comprehension of the content through the completion of two student-led inquiries: One guided and one self-directed.
Explore the learning process by participating in weekly forum discussions and completing readings and related assignments.
Design and complete a free-inquiry, which includes a final, original product as a reflection of their learning and understanding.
Create a detailed, IEFA integrated inquiry-based unit within their content area to use in their classrooms (graduate credit only).
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