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For every fund drive, KUER chooses a nonprofit as a partner for the duration of that drive. The chosen “social good” will be listed as a thank you gift option to donors during the fund drive campaign. When a donor chooses the social good partner as their thank you gift, the nonprofit will receive approximately 10% of that donation, depending on the price of the tangible item offered by the nonprofit. KUER and the nonprofit will determine together the best tangible items to offer and the best method to present them.

To be considered as a social good partner, please fill out the application below and submit.

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Submission Guidelines:
KUER’s Social Good Program highlights one non-profit organization during each fund drive as a way to foster
community engagement and support local organizations. This program is the most popular thank you gift for
KUER donors because they appreciate supporting two non-profit organizations with one donation. KUER’s main
goal during the fund drive is to drive donations to KUER, but with the Social Good Program, donors can also
support the chosen non-profit. KUER does not agree to raise funds directly for the non-profit or drive donations
directly to the non-profit. KUER will feature one non-profit for a maximum of three years in a row.

If you have further questions about the Social Good Program, please contact our Manager of Events and
Community Engagement, Ali Vallarta, at or (801) 581-6742.

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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