Reclamation & Restoration: 420 Community Day -- Volunteer sign-up
On April 20, Open Buffalo will join our friends from The Hood Incubator and African Heritage Food Co-op to host a 420 Community Day! Centered on the theme of "Reclamation & Restoration," we will join hands in service and celebration.

April 20, 10am to 12pm, 1430 Clinton St., Garage 98, Buffalo
In the spirit of Community, we will come together to distribute boxes of fresh & healthy food to families across East Buffalo — just in time for Easter! Join us!

April 20, 12:30pm to 3pm, MLK Park, Buffalo
Join us for a FREE Community Cookout at MLK Park! In the spirit of 420 Day, we will nourish ourselves with healthy food, lively music and dance, and empowering knowledge about how we can build stronger neighborhoods through resident-controlled city development, ending the racist War on Drugs, and creating grassroots economic opportunity in a new legal cannabis industry.

Use this form to sign up to volunteer for food box delivery and/or volunteer at the afternoon cookout at MLK Park!
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