Covenant Form - Directors, Counselors and CITs
Please read and sign below
Covenant Form for Directors, Counselors or CITs
Directors and Counselors and CIT’s/OASIS CIT’s
Please sign this covenant after you have read it. You will be serving as a role model.

I will come to camp expecting to grow in my faith and in relationship with others, becoming a special part of the camp community. In order to do this, I covenant to follow all the rules and guidelines set by the Christian Church in Georgia and any others set for this event. With this, I commit myself to the following:
• Be on time/attend/be attentive for all camp activities and participate in them fully. Be inclusive at all times.
• Have fun and make sure everyone else has a great time. I will be myself and open to making new friends.
• Report any safety concern immediately
• Abide by the curfew set by my camp
• Be an active participant in all total group and small group activities.
• Respect others regardless of age, gender, or race and to respect others’ feelings and thoughts.
• Cooperate with the counselors, keynoter, director and other staff members at all times.
• Learn what it means to be one of Jesus’ servants and learn about God and share it with my family and others.
• Be respectful of God’s beauty in this special place and only leave footprints behind


 My responsibilities as a Director or Counselor will be to nurture and guide.
 I will be responsible for a cabin/sleeping area of 5 to 11 campers/conferees on a 24-hour basis for the entire length of the camp and will be with the camper/conferees in the cabin/sleeping area after lights out.
 Caring for the campers/conferees will be my first priority while at camp.
 I will maintain and support the standards set by OMAT and the Directors.
 The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Georgia does not publish a dress code. We expect that everyone will dress appropriately for a Christian camping environment. One-piece swim suits are recommended for modesty.
Bikinis and thongs are considered inappropriate
 Participants are expected to remain for the entire event. No one should expect to arrive late or leave early.
 Stewardship of camp property is important. Camp must be left in as good or better shape than it was found upon arrival. Repair of damage to property will be paid by the person(s) responsible.
 Food and drink (except water) must be kept out of the cabin area and Woodland.
 Cabins/sleeping areas are off limits to members of the opposite sex. (The directors say to stay at least 23.5 feet away.
 Offensive, insensitive and foul language is not acceptable
 All Events for youth and adult sponsors in Georgia are tobacco free/e-cigarettes.
 Possession or use of intoxicating beverages or illegal drugs, firearms, fireworks is prohibited. Violators will be sent home at parents’/one’s own expense and you will be excluded from future events.
 Use of electronic devices is not permitted (Please leave these at home-these can be distractions to the camp experience.)
 Cell Phones are not permitted. If you need one coming/going please turn in to the director.
 No writing on any surface. Including villas, porches, cabins and on mattresses including Woodland
 No Swimming in the Lake.
 Pranks are not tolerated at Camp Christian. Those who are involved in such will be sent home.
 Shoes are to be worn at all times when not in the swimming pool. Campers, counselors in training, counselors, directors, or other adults should wear closed toed shoes to avoid hazards.
This covenant must be read and signed for your application to be processed. By typing my name below, I certify that I have read, understand, acknowledge and agree to abide by its provisions. I agree to allow this to be used as a valid digital signature. *
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