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PDX Hackerspace is a non-profit Portland organization that is currently making and providing PPE for free to first responders and medical professionals in the greater Portland area (and beyond).

We are currently producing and delivering the "Budman" model of the NIH face shield. We previously produced the RC3 model of Prusa Research's face shield. We are looking at other PPE that medical professionals have approved.

We can also provide cloth face masks with ties, although these masks will not be as protective as N95 or other masks.

We need your help to continue making face shields. 100% of any contribution or donation goes to continued operations.

If you can donate or loan resources (filament - we may need PETG, laser cutters or laser cutter time, 3d printers or 3d printer time, any other resources), please use this form to let us know.

If you want to volunteer to help in person or remotely (by watching the 3d printer farm at off hours, making deliveries or assembling face shields, or other things like that), please use our Volunteer form:

If you would like to donate money, we will use that to help cover the costs of production. You can donate money to "buy" as many face shields as you want at

If you have *urgently* need to reach us, please contact us via email at and we will reply ASAP.
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