Before filling out application please make sure talk with your sponsor and Parent/Guardians about the expectations and time commitment this position will be.
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Scheduled meeting and Event dates for 2019-2020. These are subject to change.
August 9-10 Board Meeting/STO Retreat @ Mountain Pointe - 5 pm
September 7 Desert Ridge @ 9:30 am
October 12 Desert Ridge @ 9:30 am
November 2 Desert Ridge @ 9:30 am
November 15-16 Festival

January 11 Perry @ 9:30 am
February 8 Agua Fria @ 9:30 am
March 7 Bradshaw Mountain @ 9:30 am
April 3 Board Meeting @ Mountain Pointe 5 pm
April 4 Jr. Fest & Leadership Day @ Mountain Pointe
May 9 Sabino (Tucson) @ 9:30 am
June 3 Desert Ridge @ 9:30 am
July 7-10 Camp

Arizona State Thespian Officer Application - 2019-2020
Please answer the following questions honestly, clearly.
Keep your answers short and concise.
Please check the boxes after reading the statement for understanding.

I understand that most of the meetings will be on Saturdays in the Phoenix area and or surrounding towns/cities. *
The schedule is listed above. I understand that if I miss two meetings I will be asked to step down from my position. *
I am responsible to find/arrange transportation to and from meetings? Yes / No *
What positions and/or offices have you held? (Any club/organization) *
What activities have you participated in with your Thespian troupe? *
Why are you running for STO? *
Leadership Quote: find a quote about leadership that you feel best represents you. *
What strengths do you have that will make you an amazing STO officer? *
What activities are you normally involved in outside of your Thespian troupe? *
Are you willing to change your schedule, whether for school or out of school activities, to attend monthly meetings?
I will not add any event or activity on a meeting date if i am selected. *
State Board Meetings. *
I understand that if I miss two meetings I will be removed as an STO.
I understand that I need to bring to camp a 4x6 photo of myself. *
I understand that I need to remind my sponsor to fill out the STO Sponsor recommendation form. *
I understand that, if selected to serve on the STO Board, I will be present at all meetings, do all the work entailed and stay in good standing with my school, sponsor and the adult board or I will be removed from the STO Board. *
I have attended an Az Thespian Festival (held in Nov) *
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Submit your head shot and also bring up your headshot to camp. Photos should be appropriate. (goofy selfies do not count)
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