Hoadley Hide 2018: Breached - Venturer Registration
Hoadley Hide is back, better than ever in 2018!
Open to all Venturer Scouts, linking Scouts and Guides Victoria members aged 13.5-17 years

Attendance as a participant at Hoadley Hide: Breached is $65.00. You will be invoiced after registration and payments can be made by cheque or direct deposit.

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This Easter…

Breaches have opened between dimensions, creating pathways between our Earth and other worlds…
… where superheroes and villains clash
… where men, elves and hobbits battle evil wizards other creatures
… and even galaxies far, far away

You must navigate, complete tasks, and collect clues to find a way to close the breaches and save our Earth.

Are you up for the challenge?

Successful completion of stunts on Saturday and Sunday will also allow Venturers to pass the requirements for the VA Initiative badge. If you also complete your Venturing Skills on Friday, you will be able to complete 2 badges in one weekend!

Venturers not undertaking the Venturing Skills Badge on Friday will be put through their own Boot Camp – a series of fun and challenging activities that will help prepare you for the rest of the weekend.

A highlight of the weekend will be a big, all-in battle between good and evil on Saturday night to determine the fate of the multiverse. You’ll need to work together with your team and other teams on the same side to defeat those opposing you.

An exclusive event, Hoadley Hide 2018 will be limited to thirty teams, so register quickly! Teams of 4-6 Venturers don’t need to be separated into Venturing Skills and Initiative groups, allowing for the mentoring of younger Venturers by more experienced Venturers.

All this means Hoadley Hide 2018 will provide the same test of skills as past events, but with an exciting new structure and narrative, designed by Venturers, to bring the event into the 21st Century

Are you ready to undertake the challenge?

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