Nationals 2017 Officiating Registration
Staff Registration for Nationals 2017, held April 8-9 at University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY.

Those who officiate at least three full games will be entitled to a free event t-shirt (please denote your shirt size below).

The deadline for shirt sizes is 03-01-2017, but registration to officiate will continue up until 04-06-2017.

Alumni who officiate in at least 60% of the rounds (not including the semi and final rounds), will receive an added stipend of $45.50 to assist with their hotel costs. This amount was chosen based on the following:
1) This is 25% of the total cost of a two-night stay at Red Roof Inn (Lexington South). The price was determined as of February 12, 2017 at 10:02PM EST.
2) The NCDA wants to give the officials the freedom to choose which hotel they stay at, and with whom they share a room with.The NCDA also wants to keep this bonus as simple as possible for the organization.
3) If an alumni official stays with three other alumni officials, the cost of their hotel will be completely covered with the sum of all four officials' stipends. If an alumni is able to find a cheaper room elsewhere, then the difference becomes extra money for their pockets. If an alumni wants to stay at a more expensive hotel, then this stipend will help lessen the out-of-pocket costs for their room-choice.
4) The NCDA is NOT booking hotels for officials. This is a reimbursement program. These stipends will be added to the checks sent to officials in the weeks following Nationals.

Pay for Officiating:
Head Ref: $15 per game
Assistant Ref: $8 per game
Shot Clock: $10 per game

If you wish to stay at the Red Roof Inn (Lexington South) here is the url to book a room!

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