Sen. Bertino-Tarrant State Issues Survey
Please take a moment to answer these questions regarding state issues. Your input is appreciated.
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Which one of the following issues is the most important priority for our state right now?
Do you think we should reform the current K-12 education funding system to create a fair way to fund schools throughout Illinois?
Do you think the state should threaten to withhold funding for local schools in order to force a resolution to Illinois’ nearly two-year state budget impasse?
Wisconsin taxes retirement income. So does Indiana and all our other neighboring states. Illinois does not. Do you support taxing retirement over $50,000?
The Illinois sales tax only goes on goods, not services. You pay sales tax on a new muffler, but not the cost of the installation. This makes Illinois unique as our neighboring states tax goods and services. Should Illinois change its taxes to be more like our neighboring states?
In order to reduce local property taxes, would you support an increase in the state income tax?
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