SUNY-ESF Tutoring Request Form
Tutor requests will be assigned according to availability of tutors within a subject area. Every attempt
will be made in order to find a tutor for you, however there are no guarantees that there will be an
available tutor for your specific subject area.

Please read the following information carefully:
1. Please fill out the Request a Peer Tutor application page. All information must be completed.
2. Read the Tutor Request Contract and sign it. Once you have completed all necessary steps
3. Once your request is received and viewed, you will be contacted when you are placed with a tutor, if you have any special needs or concerns please contact the Academic Success Center Staff to go over your tutoring needs and tutor request information.
4. We will place you as soon as we are able to.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding requesting a Peer Tutor, please contact Amelia Hoffman, or visit 109A Moon Library
Email: or Amelia Hoffman-
Phone: 315-470-4919
Office: 109A Moon Library

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If you are receiving academic accommodations in the classroom and would like to incorporate that with tutoring sessions, please indicate here.
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Tutoring Course Selection
Please check all of the courses that you would like tutoring in, sometimes conflicts or courses become unavailable for tutoring, we will notify you when you are placed:
Other courses not listed here: Please add course code and the name of the professor. (We may not be able to accommodate all requests based upon available tutors for that course)
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If you wish, explain more about the help you need:
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Note: If you need assistance in an ESF Math course on a weekly basis, please use this form. For help on a less consistent basis (e.g. random assignments and before exams) please utilize the Math Lab in 109 Moon Library.
Note: We can only provide a tutor for courses that are taught at ESF and SU Physics. For SU courses please see the course webpage for TA/Professor office hours or clinic hours. You can also contact SU’s Learning Resource Center at 315-443-2005 or for information regarding SU Tutoring Services.
My Availability
We hold tutoring sessions from 8:00am-8:00pm Monday-Friday. Please indicate ALL your availability by stating the time blocks in which you will be available to be tutored. Typical tutoring sessions last 1-2 hours per week per course. The more times you enter, the faster we will be able to place you with a tutor. Once submitted, please email any changes to Please note your availability in the following format: Monday 8am-12pm, 3pm-5pm; Tuesday 2pm-6pm Wednesday 8am-12pm, 4pm-7pm, Thursday 10am-1pm, Friday 12pm-4pm
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I understand that missing 2 tutoring sessions without notifying your tutor will result in the termination of tutorial services *
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