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Hello! We are so happy that you're interested in earning the Period Positive Schools Charter Award. We believe that working with the Period Positive framework as a guide is supportive for improving the atmosphere and provision for menstrual literacy, menopause awareness, and menstruation management in particular, and pupil wellbeing and confidence more generally. The Period Positive Pledge framework is there to help staff create a more period positive environment for the entire school community, whether they menstruate or not. The framework is a guide to developing curriculum materials, addressing period poverty, and supporting young people to challenge taboo.

Many thanks for your interest. With your support, we hope to transform the menstrual discourse into one of inclusion, sustainability and empowerment.

We will only keep these details for use with monitoring the Period Positive Framework and Charter Award and will not pass them on to another organisation. Please return this form if you agree that we can hold these details.

Best wishes,
Chella Quint,
Founder, Period Positive
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Which pledges do you believe your organisation would need the most support with or have the most difficulty working toward? *
Please share a little bit about why you are interested in working with Period Positive and what you hope to achieve for your organisation. Please include any links you have or work you do with marginalised menstruators. *
Please let us know if your organisations works with particular groups of vulnerable or marginalised or special needs pupils who might benefit from additional support around menstruation education. *
Please share a little bit about your background, knowledge, training or experience in this or related areas. (It is ok if this is your first time working on menstruation specifically.) *
Please let us know the name of any menstruation, period poverty, sex and relationships education, wellbeing or other related projects or programmes you have worked with or are currently working with in our outside of your organisation: *
Please let us know what support or resources you or your organisation could share or recommend that you think would be of value to the wider Period Positive network of partners: *
Please let us know what support or resources you or your organisation could share or recommend that you think would be of value to the wider Period Positive network of partners: *
Please tick 'yes' to indicate you are aware that the Period Positive Award is earned by evidencing how your organisation is achieving the pledges in the Period Positive framework. *
Please tick 'yes' to indicate you agree to only use the name and logo to go alongside the name of your project or organisation (rather than serving as the name of your project) if you are awarded the charter mark. *
The award is only as valuable as its appropriate use - we aim to create a network of like-minded menstrually literate, inclusive and community-focused organisations. Do you agree that each time you refer to Period Positive or Period Positivity you will include the logo and appropriate citation? *
Do you agree that continued permission to parter with or use the logo and name relies on agreeing to the above and a commitment to demonstrating and sharing an ethos that showcases your organisation as a developing, maintaining or beacon Period Positive School? *
We will be in touch soon! In the meantime, please share any additional comments or questions you have:
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