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Who We Are Looking For
We are looking for motivated, detail-oriented, and hard-working undergraduates to join our lab. We study how parents and teachers support the development of children’s self-regulation skills and motivation. As a research assistant, you will help design and conduct studies, recruit participants, conduct literature reviews, run participants (including children and parents), and input, process, and analyze data. Primary duties vary from semester to semester, but we aim to give research assistants experience in all aspects of the research process. Currently, we are hiring undergraduates to run in-person assessments with the parents and children. After you have some experience, we can talk about how you can develop your own research projects including UCARE projects and senior theses.

Previous Experience
We welcome applications from anyone interested in getting involved with developmental psychology research and from those who have only limited, if any, previous research experience. We are especially interested in reliable and detail-oriented students who have experience working with young children.
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