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Join Kazana's syndicate to invest in African founders!
You will get a chance to invest in well vetted startups across the African continent and beyond. 
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As a member of Kazana's investors' syndicate, you agree to receive information on investment opportunities of pre-vetted, high quality startups, subject to the following conditions:
1) All information you receive from us is to be kept strictly confidential and is considered confidential information, 
2) Members shall not share such confidential information with other individuals, funds, companies, or groups outside of Kazana's Investor Syndicate without approval,
3) Information a Member receives is only to be used by individual angels, groups of angels, and family offices who have the intention of investing personally or as an entity through Kazana's Investor Syndicate, and not investment managers seeking deal flow for their own funds to make direct investments, 
4) Members agree to invest solely through the Kazana Fund's Investor Syndicate in investment opportunities that have been shared through the Kazana's Investor Syndicate, 
5) Members shall not syndicate the same opportunity (or a derivative thereof) on any other platform or for any other group without approval by Kazana Fund
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