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* Go to and click "sign in" in the upper right corner.
* Login using "MNWT1m4g35" as the password and "" as the username.
* To upload your image to the MNWT Carousel Account, click the "computer" or "web" button (depending on your files location).
- If you click "computer," a window will open where you will locate the image on your computer that you wish to upload; highlight that image and click "open."
- If you click "web," a window opens asking for the URL to the image you wish to upload; enter that URL and click "upload." When you are done uploading images, please LOG OUT found under the drop-down menu to the right of mnwtImageCarousel.
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Photos and Videos Disclaimer
1. Chapters are responsible for ensuring that photos/videos submitted for posting only contain individuals (members and guests) who wish to have their image posted or tagged online.
2. Any uploaded photos/videos taken at Minnesota Women of Today activities are assumed to be okay to post on any of our social media unless there has been an opt-out form on file with the Chapter Service Center.
3. If any member sees a photo of themselves that they did not want posted on the Minnesota Women of Today sponsored platforms, email with specific details.
4. All photos/videos should positively reflect the organization and not include anything considered pornographic or in poor taste.
5. Any photos/videos that do not conform to this policy will be deleted.
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