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Please complete the form below to be added to the MACCH listserv(s). These serve as a way for MACCH and partners to connect and communicate with each other about opportunities and relevant updates/news. Our listserv(s) are NOT a platform for asking about or sharing any client information or controversial topics.
MACCH staff will monitor membership and posts and reserves the right to limit posting and not approve posts or membership requests.
MACCH staff may reach out if further information is needed to approve this request.

MACCH has 2 listservs platforms
One is a google group that members can receive emails from and also send emails to through the group email If members send an email or reply to that particular email that will go to the entire listserv membership group.
The second is a private Facebook group. This group is more interactive between members and MACCH.
Both groups have most of the same information but there are things that do go out to only one on some occasions. That really depends on the person who is posting on either platform.

If you have any questions please reach out to Tamara at
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