Questionaire to home delivery.
Your views to home delivery are important and help us create the solution that would help you save time and money.
1/12 - How many times a week do you receive packages or other deliveries? *
2/12 - Do you order groceries online? *
3/12 - Have you ever had packages stolen? *
4/12 - Would you like to be able to safely receive deliveries when you are not at home? *
5/12 - Would you order more groceries if they could be delivered and stored safely when you are not there? *
6/12 - If there were such an appliance for your home, where should it be located so as to be the least conspicuous? *
7/12 - Do you think it is important that such an appliance should have refrigeration capabilities (important for perishable goods) *
8/12 - Would you appreciate smartphone notifications about deliveries? *
9/12 - Which of the following ways would you prefer to acquire such a system? *
10/12 - If you moved into a different house (new or used) where such an appliance was already installed, would you use it. *
11/12 - How soon would you like to have such a system? *
12/12 - If you would like information when such a system will be availible, please leave us your email and we will send you further information.
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