Crypto Wallet User Characteristics
Research for the design of a crypto mobile wallet experience.
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How long have you been in crypto? *
How do you store your assets? (Pick 1-3 based on allocation of portfolio) *
Demographics - Age: *
Demographics - Gender:
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Demographics - Location: *
Wallet Purpose - Primary: *
Wallet Purpose - Secondary:
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Wallet - Purpose - Tertiary:
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Other than Send/Receive/Store, what's the most important mobile wallet feature for you? *
Which wallet(s) do you use? *
Pros/Cons: Favorite feature? *
Pros/Cons: What's not so great? *
Why did you get into crypto, anyway? *
What was the hardest part of setting up a wallet? *
Interested in NFTs? *
If you're into NFTs, is it important to have a mobile wallet to store them?
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Crypto Credit/Debit Card Wallet Integration: *
Finally, what sets crypto wallet apps apart from legacy banking apps in terms of ease of use and/or functionality? Rants enabled. *
Keeping this survey <20 questions seemed like a good idea, but if you've got anything to add re: crypto wallets - what you're looking for when choosing one, et cetera - throw it down here. ⇣
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