Parents Feedback on Curriculum
MGSM’s Arts, Science & Commerce College Chopda, Dist: Jalgaon
Parents Feedback on Curriculum
This questionnaire is intended to collect information relating to your satisfaction towards the curriculum. The information provided by you will be used as important feedback for quality improvement of the course/ syllabus/ curriculum and the institute will forward your suggestions to the university.
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1. How do you rate the program that your ward is undergoing in terms of the load of the courses in different semesters?
2. How do you rate the availability of the Text and reference books in the Market?
3. How do you rate the quality and relevance of the courses included into the semester?
4. How do you rate the treatment of the students by the faculty irrespective of the background of the student that includes Gender, cast, community creed etc. in teaching and evaluation?
5. How do you rate ambiance of the university for effective delivery of the academic programs?
6. How do you rate the courses in terms of their relevance to the latest technologies or future technologies?
7. How do you rate the programs based on the comfort of your ward in coping with the workload?
8. How do you rate the quality of teaching in the university/College?
9. How do you rate the outcomes that your ward has achieved from the courses.
10. How do you rate the transparency of the evaluation system in the College and University?
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