Madskillz 2018 Performer Application
Thank you for your interest in performing in the Gala Show at MadSkillz Vancouver on Saturday Aug 4, 2018!

Madskllz is a small festival run by a non-profit society and a crew of volunteers, and this year's budget covers only the cost of renting the venue, show lights, and sound system. If you are willing to volunteer your time to perform in front of our appreciative audience, we will provide you with access to the remainder of the festival shows and workshops, and our eternal gratitude!

Please note: If you are interested in only performing in the Prop Battle or the Renegade Show on Friday Aug 3, signups will happen on site that night and you do not need to fill out this form.

Applications will be reviewed by late-May and applicants will be contacted by July 6, 2018. If this page is active after July 6th, we are still accepting performer applications!

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(We are asking for this information to help us ensure a better balance on the gala stage - in year 8, all acts aside from the finale were male performers)
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