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Welcome, potential Guest Teacher!

'The $100 MBA Show' is an awarding-winning, highly-ranked business podcast established in 2014.

If selected, you'll share your wisdom, experience, products, and services with our over 3 million (and counting) monthly listeners.

Our recent partnerships with Himalaya Learning, Blinkist, and others are bringing new listeners to the show each day.Your lesson will be heard by over 120,000 listeners in its first weeks of airing.

A bit about the show:

We are not an interview show. Our focus is on practical value for our listeners, which means you'll deliver a concise, actionable lesson that we'll feature on the podcast, rather than recording a conversation with us.

Don't worry - we make it easy!

If selected, you'll be sent instructions for making your recording. It's all very straightforward, and best of all, you can do it when it's convenient for you. Once you deliver your recording, we'll record an introduction and closing thoughts, and put it all together for a standout episode.

Our Audience:

Our audience is made up of high-earning, tech-savvy professionals looking for lessons to help build, manage and grow their independent businesses.

Our listeners prefer lessons on a specific topic, with actionable and practical insights they can implement right away. They also love access to resources that can help them execute what you teach more efficiently.

Here's a great example of best-selling author and podcast host, Chris Hogan, delivering his guest lesson on the show: https://100mba.net/mba1173/

All other episodes can be found on our show page here: http://100mba.net/show/

Here's what you do:

1. Complete this form
2. Look out for an email from our producer contacting you about your potential lesson (48 -72 hours)
3. Confirm your guest lesson
4. Record your lesson, and send it in! We'll let you know the air date.

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