CoKoCon 2018 Fan Tables Form
Please use this form to apply for a free fan table at CoKoCon 2018 for your local fandom group or event.

These are community outreach tables for fandom, subject to the CoKoCon Fan Tables Policy. We'll be jurying our fan tables to meet our available space, so application does not mean acceptance.

If you have any questions, please contact

Group or Event *
Please enter the community outreach group or event that you plan to represent at CoKoCon 2018. This should be a group or event with strong ties to fandom (e.g. science fiction, science, pop culture, etc.).
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Coordinator Name *
Please enter the name of the coordinator who will be responsible for this fan table. The coordinator must have a full attending membership in CoKoCon 2018. Any others staffing that Fan Table are encouraged—but not required—to purchase their own memberships.
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Please enter the e-mail address for the coordinator listed above.
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