Adventure Athlete Application
Hello there! Thank you for your interest in Adventure For All. If you would like your child to have the opportunity to join the official GTFO & AFA process, please fill out the form to its entirety below.

Please note: The athlete (your child/applicant) does NOT need to be proficient in any of the adventure activities. In fact, that is part of the process! If chosen, they will be a part of several workshops that are designed to hone in and sharpen these skills.

The following prompts are used to better inform our team and coaches as we review all the applications for 2022.

We will be responding to everyone by the first week of November letting you know if your child/applicant (the athlete) will be joining us in 2022 (or if they will be considered for future adventures)!

Please understand this is the hardest part of our organizations job. Our entire team hopes to offer this experience, this adventure, and this growth to all those that apply in the future. However, we do not have the staffing to do so at this time. It is the vision and one we are working very hard to accomplish in the years to come. Thank you for applying and we look forward to reviewing your application.
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What is your relationship with the athlete applying? *
What is the best phone number for you? *
Who is the secondary parent/guardian? (provide name, relationship, phone, and email)
Will you be able to attend the week long summer adventure (Experience The Adirondacks) between the dates of June 10-26th *
Are you willing to dedicate your valuable time and effort for at least 10hrs a week for 4 months? (When executed as a family/team this program exceeds expectations and this is when we really see the athlete grow to new heights!) *
In the event your child/applicant is chosen for the 2022 AFA Program, do you have at least one family member that is physically able to join them throughout the process? i.e hiking, kayaking, zip lining, etc. *
What is the athlete's full name? *
"Please tell us more about the athlete's diagnosis, learning differences, and/or exceptionalities." *
How old is the athlete? *
Is the athlete ok with flying on a plane? *
Can the athlete ride a bike? *
Can the athlete swim? *
Is the athlete afraid of heights? *
How would you describe the athlete's social skills? *
Does the athlete have any physical limitations our team should be aware of for training protocol/adventure activity purposes? At Adventure For All we believe anything is possible with the right team and expertise supporting the athlete's abilities. *
Why do you feel this athlete & your family are a great fit for the GTFO Process & the adventure in 2022? *
Can you elaborate on the athlete's strengths, personal interests/hobbies, personality traits, areas of difficulties, and triggers? *
In your opinion, how do they best receive information/instruction? This helps give insight regarding the athlete's learning styles. *
Will you share one of your favorite stories about them? *
How did you hear about GTFO & Adventure For All? *
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