P7 Transition: Parent/Carer Evaluation
Please complete this short parent/carer evaluation about this year's P7 Transition Programme. At Lasswade, we value all parent/carer feedback as it helps us to constantly improve and make sure that we support all of our students and families.
1. Please state your child's full name. *
2. Which Primary School does your child attend? *
3. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 lowest and 5 highest), how much did your child enjoy the P7 Transition Programme? *
Didn't enjoy it at all
Really enjoyed it
4. What did your child enjoy most about the P7 Transition Programme? *
5. Was there anything that your child didn't enjoy or find useful? *
6. My Lasswade, My Learning and My Support are the 3 main elements of the P7 Transition Programme. As a parent/carer, how would you rate the P7 Transition Programme tasks and activities for students? *
7. Transition Tuesdays have been shared weekly on Twitter, Instagram and the school website since Tuesday 26th May (until Tuesday 23rd June). How have you found this new form of communication for P7 Transition? *
8. Our virtual tour of Lasswade High School was shared with P7 students during the Transition Programme (My Lasswade section) and it has been shared on our school website. Did you find the tour ... *
9. How did you find our communication about P7 Transition in general? This includes website stories, social media posts, communication via Primary Schools, 'how to' videos and guides. *
10. We are grateful for all feedback. Please leave any further comments/feedback regarding the P7 Transition Programme.
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